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Chains Screens by Design

C.I.C. Screens have been used as backdrops and as space dividers in clubs, restaurants, & shops, on stage & TV and at an ever-increasing variety of locations.

As backdrops they have been used plain or with varying strengths of design or pattern. As space dividers they have been used in showrooms, offices and homes either plain or with images superimposed.

Our versatility means that there is no limit to the size of screen we can produce.

Lighting Veils at the Barclaycard Arena, NIA Birmingham. Image courtesy of Reggiani Lighting
Entrance at the Royal Institute of British Architects,
Portland Place, London. Designed by Giles Round
Satin stripes at the Ipsos Mori offices.
Image courtesy of Soltech
Three commercial doorways

Lighting feature at Manchester
O2 Apollo

Divider in the Chester Skin Clinic to a design
by BAPTT of Swansea


Screen designed by Harrison Design
for the Brighton 'Nandos' restaurant
Triple sliding screen with logos at Del Aziz, Clapham Common
5m high screens at the Starbucks by the
Tower of London
Space divider at hair salon
Meeting Room at new Universal Music head office
Some of the chandeliers on the set of ITV's 'Loose Women' programme
18m circumference light fitting with 4 satellite
fittings of 5m circumfernce at Szoda Bar, Morpeth
Office Divider
3m x 3m aspirant for the Turner prize
Spiral Chandelier 7m high in Bournemouth
chain screen backdrop
chain screen room dividers
6 metre backdrop for the Saba'a Rose Jewellers, London. By Jam Design, London
Bathroom Design
by Michaelis Boyd Associates, London
restaurant door chain screens room divider
Exhibition Stand Screen
for FX Magazine
Real Greek Souvlaki & Bar
Designed by Mackenzie Wheeler
Royal Variety Performance
backdrop 12m x 7m
Backdrop for the magazine:
used at Athens Olympics
logo screen backdrop
3 metre backdrop screen, designed by VAMP
Catalyst Fitness Club, London.
1½ metre wide logo in a 4 metre screen
Chicago Rock Cafe.
One of two 4½ metre logos in a 23 metre screen
Industrial Logo 3.3m wide
Commercial Logo
Door screen at the
'Eastenders' betting shop
Meeting Area
room divider
Decorative chain screen
in London apartment
Backdrop for
New York Museum
Guru 15 feet high for
Sikh community
Signage for Christian Aid Presentation
Screen for
'Coco' Deli
chain window screens
chain screen
Carlsberg logo
used in TV ads
The above Design was based on a Clients
London Apartment Victorian Window
aluminium chain screen space dividers
aluminium chain screens space dividers
chain door screen dividers
'Tutankhamun' for exhibition in London & Glasgow
Royal British
Legion logo 150cm high, part of a
stage backdrop
Guild of 'Q' Butchers
'4 x 4 Car'
Panda for doorway
 C.I.C. SCREENS are used by:
screen room dividers Interior Designers
museum screens room dividers Exhibition and Museum Designers
chain screens  backdrops space dividers Producers in: TV, Theatre, Pantomime and Films
backdrop room divider Set Designers for Magazines
aluminium chain screen room dividers Industrial and Commercial Organisations and Charities

Artists / Sculptors have used our screens and chains to create publicly acclaimed works of art shown in London, New York, Paris and Salzburg.

 Close Knit Screens

Chain screens can be made with the chains set closer together and stepped to give a more dense interlocking appearance as shown below.
aluminium chain screens
aluminium chain screens
Normal link
Close- Knit link

Our normal rail shown on the ‘Fitting Screens’ page is designed for face fixing. However we do use a number of different rails especially for ceiling fixing; some of the ‘Silent Gliss’ profiles are appropriate, elegant, visually attractive from both sides and available in a number of colours.

We now have the colour Burgundy and a number of shade variations on the basic palette shown on the ‘Fitting’ page of this website. Our colour range means we can recreate most patterns and logos.

All of our colours are available in a Satin finish.

‘Mini Link’
We also have a smaller ‘Mini Link’ which is about half the size of a normal link. The wire is also thinner.
The ‘Mini Link’ is available in the normal Gloss finish and in the Satin finish and can be made in Normal and ‘Close Knit ‘layout.

fly screens and insect screens for pest control
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